„Demontazownia Studio” is a special place, where passion meets professionalism.


Founded in 2005  in a suburbs of Warsaw (PL), was first dedicated mostly for amateur bands, but in a period of time it became a full professional recording and rehearsal studio. They offer a multi-track recording sessions as well as live band sessions, mixing, editing and mastering sessions. „Demontazownia Studio” provides two live rooms with different acoustic solutions, vocal booth ideal for capturing vocals and speech, two control rooms – main and editing room.


Producing every genre of music, full bands as well as single artists, vocalists and voice-overs.

„Demontazownia Studio” can record and mix a full length album, EP, demo, single, radio spots, commercials etc. in an assist of a client or online  providing a fine collection of instruments, amps, mics, preamps, plugins and other pro-studio stuff to create a great sounding records, but their main attitude is to create a comfortable place to work for artists, place where they can feel like their own. All above causes unique vibe allowing for absolutely unchain band’s expression.

Working with sound is „Demontazownia” crew’s life and passion.

That’s why, with full responsibility, we can recommend “Demontazownia Studio”

You’ll be in a safe and creative hands :)


You can contact them directly  by e-mail: or to get 10% discount CODE or/and  to get help with accommodation in Warsaw area, please contact coopeartive Multi Art Platform.



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